Roppongi Bar and Club Summary

Below is a brief summary of the more popular free entry clubs in the Roppongi area. It is more or less a summation of previous longer entries, links to which are attached. Continue reading


Roppongi Area Bar and Club Guide 2012 – Part 11: Gas Panic

Gaien Higashi Street Part 2 – Gas Panic

More Roppongi than Roppongi, this bar is the inspiration for all the meat market bars in and around the main strip. If you come here, leave your best behavior in the locker with your coat. Continue reading

The Ugly but Amusing Beaches near Tokyo: Part 3 – Yuigahama (Kamakura) Beach

Yuigahama Beach

Going to a beach near Tokyo in the summer won’t be your most memorable seaside experience, but it sure beats most things you can do that season. Here’s a guide to Yuigahama Beach, near famous Kamakura. Continue reading

The Great Yamanote Line Pub Crawl – Stop 2: Harajuku

2 – 12-12:20pm: Harajuku

Once you are done, get back to Shinjuku station and on a Yamanote Line train on Platform 14 (they’ll be along every few minutes or so) bound for Shibuya and Shinagawa. Skip the next station, Yoyogi, and carry on through to Harajuku. Alight here. You’ll have two choices, put in short, go west and enjoy a beer in the park or go east and look over the shops and oddly dressed folk in either the younger and relatively downmarket Takeshita Dori or Omotesando, older and littered with brand shops. Or you could do both before dropping into a cafe and having a drink.

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