Roppongi Area Bar and Club Guide 2012 – Part 7: 55 (Jimanji)

The TGI Friday’s sidestreet – 55 (Jimanji)

Turning left on the TGI Friday’s side street will bring you into eye contact with the popular 55 (or Jimanji) Club…


I was originally going to put this club into an ‘Others’ section to be tagged on at the end of this series due to a lack of visits, however, it’s work in rescuing a hitherto lame Thursday night out a few months back convinced me otherwise. Club 55 as it’s known by some, or Jimanji, as it’s known by others, isn’t on the main street but it’s pretty hard to miss, just turn left at TGI Friday’s and it will be staring at you.

It tends to be on the smaller side, and has been a relatively popular place for a while now, therefore you should expect to queue up if you decide to come here say on a Friday or Saturday night. While this will no doubt turn more than a few people off, I for one am not at all averse to the sight of a moderate queue in this part of town, given the rush hour commuter train alternative you often see in certain clubs to shy to ask their customers to wait a while.

As for the make up of those inside, I’ve thought the bulk of punters have been fairly young locals, with a smattering of gaijin. However, a friend of mine, who does frequent the place much more than I do tells me this is no longer true, and gaijin are in the majority these days. Either way, for those of you on the pull, there always seems to be a few unattached local ladies floating about the place.

Who ought to  have at least one drink here? It seems a very decent option for the under 30 year old on a night out.

Note: at the time of writing 55 (Jimanji) had a cover charge for Friday and Saturday nights. The weeknights were free however.


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