Roppongi Area Bar and Club Guide 2012 – Part 9: First Bar

The Roi Building – First Bar

First Bar is a largish club which provides alot of the Roppongi promise with a lot of the Roppongi hassles.

I haven’t set foot in this bar for ages, but by the last time I was there it had become quite well-patronized.. But like any popular bar, this relatively spacious, and now fairly well-established place could, on occasion, become something of a sausage fest. Like Heartland can be at times.

What’s different is that with Heartland, the term ‘sausage fest’ means too many suits. With this bar, however, it was just as likely to have meant here were too many ladyboys relative to chicks who, well, give a somewhat more convincing impression they were, well… born a chick. I never did take a census, but there was a couple of times I’ve been there when I’d have sworn the number of girls were at least matched by the number of ladyboys.

Now you may think this is a criticism of a fairly severe kind, but that would be overstating things. It never ceased to surprise me how convincing their impressions are to a number of guys, and often enough blokes who wouldn’t normally strike you as possessing any particular itch that needed scratching. Beyond of course satisfying a drink-fuelled urge for the best possible t&a which I guess, is I guess is an advantage possessed and purchased by these sorts. Watching this kind of carnage unfold made ducking in here for a cheeky beer worthwhile on its own, assuming you had the time and were in the neighborhood.

At other times in the wee hours, when there was not a relative abundance of faux women, there seemed to have been a small army of faux-girlfriends, i.e off-duty hostesses, dancers or hookers on the prowl for commission drinks (drinkback is the trade term), tricks or what have you, from the archetypal blotto, overweight, middle aged, cashed up expat male, or the local equivalent.

If all this is not your thing, a better time in here might be had, say, before last train on Friday night, when there are enough ‘regular’, “unfauxy” ladies and guys here after work to make the place more appealing, perhaps after you’ve been to 911 and been turned away so many times the stench of rejection seeps through every pore leading to your eviction from the premises and a lifetime ban. Funnily enough It reverts to being a reasonably normal place if you are wanting to stick around after first train. It is one of the last remaining places to have a crowd.

Note: It turns out that this bars been recently closed down. So just ignore what I’ve written.


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