A few thoughts on HCMC: Part 3 – Health and Fitness Facilities

There’s just one option presented here. Whenever the inner voice nagging you to do something healthy becomes too difficult to ignore, you should cut a deal by making your way up to the gym etc on the top floor of the Renaissance Riverside Hotel in District 1.

It isn’t the cheapest option in the area but still weighs in at under $10 US, money very well spent.
As you might expect from a nice hotel gym, there are options available to help put off doing anything serious for quite a while, namely the steam baths and saunas located in the changing rooms. Meanwhile, the gym itself is suitably modern and varied, and while the weight training equipment may put a dampener on your tilt at this year’s Mr Olympia title, it has enough up there to satisfy the humans among you.

For those holding out for further sweeteners, the gym does offer free bottles of water along with mini bananas and mini apples while always seeming to supply one or two good looking girls working out. This strangely enough is, in contrast to the rooftop swimming pool. In half a dozen or so visits to this place I can honestly I’ve yet to see any ‘showstoppers’ up here.

Whether this is part of the hotel’s regime I can’t say but there only seems to be the wives of the ageing, lumpy, affluent gents who predominate up here. And by wive’s I mean first wives. Not trophy wives let alone let alone the secretaries, groupies, favorite hookers, model-hookers or any variation of the above. Now I am sure they must turn up at some point, however, the rooftop of the Renaissance rooftop pool is nothing if not a redoubt of romance. Just college sweethearts and the chicks knocked up one terribly drunken Friday night after a brief courting at the local bar. No toy boy gigolesque equivalents either.

Which is all very dog bites man. I had no idea 5 star hotel outdoor pool areas were able to perform the above, especially that far from home. It’s just not the way it’s done in the movies. And while there is certainly an argument that, unlike more mundane things in life, 5 star hotels should be at least based in part on what you find in the movies. Yet the overriding feeling isn’t one of disappointment, much less schadenfreude. Just curiosity. Then again, they don’t really do heavily chlorinated backyard swimming pools either, which is what you have here. Beats nothing though.
That all said, the first time visitor meanwhile is unlikely to be overly pleased, disturbed or confused about the chicks or the pool, especially when they are fast undoing all the previous hour’s good work in the training area with a fruity cocktail (drinks are not cheap of course, but are quite reasonable for the area) enjoying the quite wonderful view. The peace up there is a splendid oasis from the hustle and bustle below, and remains my favorite way to spend an afternoon here. Treat yourself.


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