Low Cost Carrier’s and the Second Japan: Part 1: International Flights

In a previous article I had I had referred to in how Tokyo’s (and thus Japan’s) drinking landscape had changed, or split rather, to take account of the fact people just aren’t as flush with disposable income as they were twenty years ago, especially young people. As with the fashion industry with the spectacular rise of Uni Qlo, and the spread of 100 yen stores like Daiso.

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The Great Yamanote Line Pub Crawl – Stop 5: Shinagawa

On a whirlwind trip of the sites along the Yamanote Line, you could comfortably give Meguro, Gotanda and Osaki the slip. This is also true of Shinagawa, which strikes me as place very grudgingly built around a major station and a waterfront.

With a little bit of money and time however, especially the right time, it’s worth a look.

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The Great Yamanote Line Pub Crawl – Stop 4: Ebisu

The next station heading anti-clockwise is Ebisu, and the Yebisu Beer Museum.

museumfrontIf you were on a drinking tour around Tokyo, it’s natural to think a Beer Museum would be the one indispensable site. The opposite however would be much closer to the mark. It should be the first place discarded if you are pressed for time, for very little at all would lose very little if the only beer museum you ever saw here was the one flowering in the soil of your imagination.

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The Ugly but Amusing Beaches near Tokyo: Part 3 – Yuigahama (Kamakura) Beach

Yuigahama Beach

Going to a beach near Tokyo in the summer won’t be your most memorable seaside experience, but it sure beats most things you can do that season. Here’s a guide to Yuigahama Beach, near famous Kamakura. Continue reading