Vietnam Taxis Part 1: Wolves in MaiLinh Clothing

The two most reputable cab companies in Vietnam are MaiLinh and Vinasun. In my experience this is deserved, but they are a considerable distance from being watertight.

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A few thoughts on HCMC: Part 3 – Health and Fitness Facilities

There’s just one option presented here. Whenever the inner voice nagging you to do something healthy becomes too difficult to ignore, you should cut a deal by making your way up to the gym etc on the top floor of the Renaissance Riverside Hotel in District 1.

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A few thoughts on HCMC: Part 2 – Cheap Beer

Cheap Beer

Bia Hoi – If having a beer and keeping costs down mean everything, the dong stops here. Beers here are well under 50 cents a pop (it doesn’t matter which cents). Just head up Bui Vien Street from Go2 Bar (heading away from the Crazy Buffalo Bar) and you should see small groups of pasty white folk sitting on something resembling kindergarten size plastic seats being served beer by a leathery old mama-san’s, who probably can speak wonderful English but then again you haven’t paid for it, have you?

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